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Mathis Crockmeter for rubbing fastness type «CRO»

  • Mathis Crockmeter type «CRO-B», for determining the rub fastness of dyed and printed textiles. The tests are carried out on dry or wet textiles according to international standards.
    (BS 1006D02, ISO 105-X12/D02, ATTCC 8-2001). Different diameters of test sample friction pins, for different specific contact pressures. Gray scale for evaluating the bleeding of the test samples. Condition New.


    pattern size  min. 51 x 127 mm 
    Diameter wear surface  16mm
    Abrasion cycles  1 - 9999
    Abrasion speed  1 cycle / second
    Dimensions W x D x H  150 x 435 x 280 mm
    weight ~12kg


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